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Speed That You Can Turst

              Dengan kemajuan teknologi sekarang ini, telkom speedy hadir di tengah-tengah masyarakat untuk memenuhi kebutuhan manusia yang serba ingin cepat. Telkom speedy memenuhi kebutuhan masyarakat di bidang komunikasi. Dengan menggunakan layanan speedy kita dapat berkomunikasi dengan orang yang berada dimanapun tanpa susah payah untuk dating ditempat pertemuan. Demi memuaskan para pengguna telkom speedy, telkom speedy kini mempersembahkan 5 layanan speedy terbaru untuk para konsumen telkom speedy.
Berikut fitur-fitur nya :

1.         Speedy Game



Dengan adanya speedy games para maniak game dimanjakan dengan layanan ini, karena berbagai game yang seru-seru ada di sini. Selain itu para maniak game dapat mendownload game kesukaannnya, khusus member telkom speedy cukup dengan 25.000/ bulan anda mendapatkan 130 game yang keren. “ jangan ngaku maniak game bila belum mencoba layanan speedy game ini”.

2.                  Protector


        Dengan adanya layanan protector dengan engine ahnlab 365 clinic ini semua pengguna internet dijamin keamanannya dari serangan viris-virus jahat apapun yang dapat membahayakan pc / laptop kita,  Saat anda online secara otomatis Protector akan aktif bekerja, kapan pun dan dimana pun anda berada. Dengan hanya mengeluarkan biaya 8.800 / bulan, anda sudah dapat dipastikan terhindar dari virus-virus apapun disaat online ataupun download. 
3.                  Kanal Bola


        Layanan kanal bola ini diperuntukan untul penggila bola di seluruh Indonesia yang tida mau ketinggalan informasi seputar dunia bola. Kanal bola setiap saat menyediakan berita-berita terhangat seputar bola, tidak hannya itu kanal bola juga menyediakan layanan video dan TV streaming, jadi kita dapat melihat momen-momen seru saat pertandingan berlangsung, “asik bukan” jangan ngaku GIBOL kalau belum mencuba layanan ini. Dijamin up to date.

4.         Full Track

                Full track adalah layanan yang diperuntukan untuk pecinta musik tanah air maupun luar negeri dengan adanya layanan ini mempermudah anda untuk menikmati musik-musik indah yang telah beredar. Layanan ini juga menyediakan fungsi download dalam format track, RBT, musik video, dan ringtone. Lengkap sudah kebahagian anda bila menggunakan layanan full track ini. Lagu-lagu yang adapun selalu up to date jangan kawatir ketinggalan perkembangan musik.

5.                  Persona Edu

      Dalam dunia pendidikan telkom speedy juga tidak lupa memberikan layanan pendidikan. Pesona Edu merupakan layanan yang berisikan tentang pendidikan online. Pesona Edu memberikan kemudahan bagi para pelajar untuk mendapatkan meteri pelajaran. Anda tidak perlu bingung mencari buku atau sejenisnya untuk membantu anda. Anda bisa menggunakan software, simulasi interaktif, animasi dan fasilitas di Pesona Edu yang tentunya memberikan solusi yang tepat untuk anda. “selamat mencoba”.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Garlic is believed to have different efficacy.Sure,garlic has side effects.Namely,extend the time of blood dilution.In this one tuber, contains antibiotic substances.For example, aniline, alicin, flavonoids, sulfur, calcium and satifin.In the complex, these substances affect each other heal.Which usually does not like patients consumed higher is the smell of garlic.In fact, the smell is due to aniline and alicin.Wealth of content makes it the garlic has many benefits.Among them, lowers cholesterol, thins the phlegm and anti-fungal and also member-lowering effects of heat.There are effects of garlic that needs attention.namely,thin the blood.On someone who will undergo surgery, the consumption of garlic should be stopped, at least two weeks before surgery.Even for smaller cases, like pulling teeth and inflammation of the stomach, garlic consumption should be reduced.
For preventive measures,garlic is usually consumed directly after burned.However, garlic can also be mixed with other ingredients such as honey.Way,finely chopped garlic, then add honey.Garlic therapy in a way is not recommended for children.Injury also can be treated with garlic.Way, mashed garlic and place in bandage wound.Then, tied to the wound.In two days the wound will dry up.Only, dressing should be replaced at least three times a day.Is quite powerful way to treat wounds.However, the wound will sting when the treatment lasted.Other benefits? Garlic can treat bruises.Way, the garlic paste on the sore skin.
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Saturday, February 13, 2010

My First Award

This award is no mean or no value by some bloggers.But this award is very valuable for me.I started running Doctor Online with difficulty at the end of the month the beginning, this is only the task of the school that made me trouble, because there was another task which I still do.But over time, this blog made me sit for hours on my laptop screen without feeling tired or sad but it makes me more happy.Usually I use the Internet just for facebook or friendster or see the xxx movie (everyone must see).But my partner (thanks bro!) teaches something new about the blog (which is less popular with facebook or twitter).Not only can meet with people around the world but we also can learn something either good or bad.Actually I do not know about optimize or monetize, only my partner helped me so far ( also this blog is actually my project with, but I'm running this blog.I can not say or type something else about this article, therefore I am grateful to:
  And many more....... Thanks bro! God Bless You All !
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Neck Pain

Head and neck is a free organ stir in all directions.This allows the head and neck injuries more often.The neck of the soft and solid tissue.Dense tissue in the neck is a bone.Bone in the neck consists of seven bones interlocking. The first cervical bone atlas is directly related to the skull.Joint motion that moves the head to his chest and the opposite.While between the two neck bones doing the twist head 50 percent to the right and left.While soft tissue composed of muscle, nerves and blood vessels.A total of 30 found in the neck muscles.The muscles that work together when the head is moved.Neck pain / cervicaglia a common pain.Most (85 percent) had pain caused by muscle tightness neck (spasms). For initial treatment, try improving sleep habits.In addition, the bed and pillows that are used to note.Our spine is not straight.From head to neck a concave-shaped,upper back close to convex shaped.But, back up and down concave shape.Finally, the convex back of the pelvic bone.
The bed should not be too hard or too soft.Conditions that will affect spinal postureThe position of the back muscles between the left and right was not balanced.Cushion thickness must also comply with the distance between the shoulder and neck.Because, angle cervicothoracall / neck-shoulder angle is 90 degrees.Strive pillow was too thick or too thin.Also should not be without a pillow.These habits lead to imbalance of neck muscles and thus narrowing the intervertebral foramen nerve root edge wedged.If you appear in neck pain even to the fingers after getting out of bed, doing extensive joint motion exercises (moving the head in all directions slowly).After that, do stretching the neck muscles.If not improved, you have to go to the nearest hospital rehabilitation facility that has an medic
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