Friday, January 15, 2010

Sour Can Inhibit Cancer

Cancer is one disease that now bears predicate top killer for human.One type of cancer most feared in the world is breast cancer.Moreover, the disease is not only attacking the woman, but also a man.Recently, experts are finding new solutions to stem the risk of breast cancer.The solution is in the sweet fruit similar pomegranate .Ellagic acid, phytochemicals, substances contained in fruit, reportedly able to block the production of the enzyme aromatase.Enzyme that plays a role in the development of estrogen hormone agresponsif with cells causing breast cancer.Before this, the fruit of ostensibly able to inhibit aromatase production is grape.However, it is different granate.
However, experts still need to investigate more about the benefits of pomegranate in inhibiting breast cancer risk.Because, is not clear that the chemicals in the fruit can be easily absorbed by the body.Consumption of pomegranate should still be done to protect the function of other organs.Pomegranates are often found in Central Asia.The fruit was known, among others, believed to produce people with diabetes, atherosclerosis, and kidney disease to dialysis.However, at the end of this very difficult to find pomegranate.However, the juice can now be found in the beverage packaging that has been circulating in the community.



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