Friday, January 15, 2010


 The child or family members heard a voice without a figure that speaks clearly.It may be that this complaint was the onset of schizophrenia or a type of mental disorder.If handled properly, especially early on, schizophrenia could be cured.Even children are still able to achieve in school.Schizophrenia can also be related to the role of genetic.However, it may be caused by something else.For example, trauma at birth.Some people with schizophrenia is 16-25 year olds.Understandably, at this age, stress levels high enough so that someone who carried the gene directly triggered schizophrenia-prone.Patients with schizophrenia tend to withdraw from their environment.Some other features of schizophrenia and paranoid suspicion is excessive, consider all people as enemies, emotional, and often hurt themselves own.
   Examples of cases of schizophrenia vary.Began the hearing voices to hallucinate all kinds.For example, there is claimed to be God or the prophet, and there are up to slaughter his entire family.Early detection and treatment of very influential on the patient's recovery.For example patients two brothers who are both suffering from schizophrenia.The older brother was always able to see the future and the shadows.While the brother could hear the voices.But by early treatment will change the fate of someone who suffered from schizophrenia which was initially considered a madman.


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