Friday, January 15, 2010

Sudden Weight Training, Body of Being Shocked

Physical exercise is a core sport.Before the exercise is done, the exercise should start with the warming and cooling end.Do not just physical exercise.Body can surprise because suddenly there was a heavy training load.Warming intended that the body is ready to accept the burden of heavy exercise.Eventually there is no mechanism in body temperature and increase circulation and increase body flexibility.Warming movement, among others, jogging, stretching exercises,light free exercise for 15-30 minutes.The principle of stretching exercises is to regulate breathing and stretching to reach the optimal point.The characteristics have reached the optimal point is, there was stretched in the muscle.However, do not get sore muscles.Duration is about 20 minutes for 2-3 times a week.
  If this exercise is complete, do not forget to close the cooling.That is, slow the intensity of exercise gradually.Thus the body temperature can drop slowly.For example, if the previous sprint, you should not immediately stop running suddenly.More recommended, slowly lower the speed to run until the end on walk, then stopped.As with warming, the body also needs to adapt to the cooling process.There are many benefits of this cooling movement.Among other waste products to avoid post-exercise muscle and reduce pain and muscle stiffness.Cooling motion also avoid feeling dizzy or fainting due to blood pressure dropped suddenly.After cooling movements, athletes are still allowed to compete again in a short time.


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