Thursday, December 24, 2009

Stitches Caesar's wounds

Caesar suture scars may be opened again.One possible cause is an infection.Wound infection due to different labor Caesar with normal childbirth injuries.Normal childbirth injuries and little visible.Meanwhile, a separate layer of stitches after the operation is complete.Thus, there can be three to five layers of stitches.When healing is not perfect, more easily infect bacteria that become more severe injuries.Marked infection abscesses in the wound.Maybe seeping pus in the wound and the body temperature rises.An abscess is a seam open again.If an open wound occurs, the sewing must be done again.However, previously, infection must be overcome before.
So, to avoid infection, the wound was closed tape and avoided the water for some time.Patients only need to keep the wound that was not exposed to water.If a caesarean stitches well cared for and properly, within five days a week until the wound will dry up.At that time, the tape can be opened.Not closed the wound healing process may last more briefly if mothers eat lots of protein to replace cells damaged.After the tape is opened and the wound appeared dry, the stitches will be removed.After that, the patient lived cleaned skin sections were cut using a soap.This is done to clean the dirt stuck to the bandage around the wound closed.Possible injuries that have been strong, again a very small open.


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