Thursday, December 24, 2009

Focus on muscle manipulation Face

Facial muscles have a special.Therefore, only the facial muscles that can express emotions.From the face, a person's mood can be known.For example, sad, happy, or stressed.There are some parts of the facial muscles to focus manipulation.Namely,near the nose,neck,chin,eyelids,and forehead.Movement that focused on those parts intended to improve blood circulation, improve fitness and reduce tension or stress.Other benefits, tightening facial muscles, reducing wrinkles, and make the face look ageless.
Start by calming himself, breathed.Do it 3-6 times or until you feel calm.Then, continue with a relaxing facial.For example, the temples.Use the middle finger and forefinger to massage the forehead.His movements rotate clockwise and vice versa.Another movement, gently holding his eyebrows with his thumb and forefinger.Start from the middle, then slid down the eyebrows, then to the temples.To manipulate the forehead, use the middle finger.Finger movements began his eyebrows to the head.Perform each movement for five of ten times.Continue the movement opened his mouth as wide as possible.Feel the sensation of the cheek muscles pull on the nose and lips.Then open your eyes and glanced upward.The movement was lowered tensions in the face, throat and blood circulation and stimulation of the eye.
Once the muscles relax, be followed by facial gymnastics.Laughter is one of the facial gymnastics.Lift the cheek with a smile movement, then followed with emphasis on the three middle fingers on the cheek.The pressure downward, in contrast with a smile movement.Finger pressure is the load.These conditions create a strong cheek muscles and back elastic.Other movements, sitting in a chair, lifted his head at the ceiling of the room.Then the lips forward during the ten count.Then, relax.Make a back up to ten times.


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