Thursday, December 24, 2009

Fleck in women

For complaints flecks and menstrual a long period and much, there are several factors causing.All the factors that must be evaluated carefully.For those conditions not necessarily related to the use of contraceptives or spiral.Began factor vagina, cervix to the uterus itself.Evaluated the possibility of injury or a tumor in the vagina.So was the mouth of the uterus.The existence of erosion (blister) the polyps are sometimes led to complaints that moles who is often mistaken for a fleck menstrual.Similarly, uterine cervical factor (benign muscle tumors of the uterus) can result in a long period, many, sometimes even until clotted.
When the spiral (pessary) should be removed, usually a gynecologist not directly off just.There are several medications that can be tried.Function, among others, to stop fleck, shorten the menstrual cycle and reduce the amount of menstrual bleeding.If the use of drugs does not work, the new doctors will consider to remove the spiral.Then, for a while can use other types of contraception.And not to be a protracted consultations with obstetricians.


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