Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pregnant Because Afraid of Diabetes

In the field of Obstetric, there are two types of diabetes mellitus (DM). First, pregestational DM or DM that occurred before pregnancy.So, this person suffer from DM, then pregnant.Second, gestational DM, the DM is happening or the first time unknown during pregnancy.DM occurs when there pregnant.
hormonal changes that occur result in resistance to the hormone insulin, so blood sugar rises.If sugar levels of unregulated blood sugar during pregnancy, the effect is the fetus to grow up (makrosomia). That condition would complicate the process of labor.In pregestational DM, many complications . Especially if blood sugar is not regulated, especially during young pregnant.Impact, abortion or birth defects.In pregnancy, it can cause fetal death in utero.
Prevention of birth defects in pregestational DM is to control blood sugar levels before and during pregnancy, especially during young pregnant.For gestational DM, prevention makrosomia with regulation of blood after being diagnosed gestational DM can be done through exercise, diet or injections insulin.If not suffer pregestational DM, there was no need to worry about birth defects in baby.If you want to know, can scan a gestation of 20 weeks.


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