Saturday, December 12, 2009

Danger Diarrhea in Toddlers

      Diarrhea is a disease characterized by a soft stool and fluid, often accompanied by seizures stomach.Diarrhea never indiscriminately, it can affect anyone, male or female, old or young.Diarrhea often considered a trivial disease, whereas the national level and globalization facts notes otherwise.According to WHO records, diarrhea kills two million children in the world every year.Do not underestimate the diarrhea especially in children.Diarrhea, especially in severe disease may not like cancer or heart disease.But, diarrhea in infants and toddlers is very dangerous because it can cause death due to lack of fluids.
Babies and toddlers will diarrhea.Development vulnerable to digestive and immune systems are not yet optimal body they are prone to cause diarrhea from bacteria or virus.Important to watch out for in people with diarrhea is the possibility of dehydration (lack of body fluids). Fluids and electrolytes your body a lot out with feces and the body difficult to function.
Cause diarrhea:
1.Infection from various bacteria that caused by the consumption of food or drinking water.
2.Infection variety of viruses.
3.Food allergies, especially milk or lactose (milk-containing foods).
4.Parasite that enters the body through food or drink dirty.
5. A good waste management food that is not contaminated insects (flies, cockroaches, lice, roach).
6.Throw feces and urine in place, should use latrines with septic tanks.


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