Sunday, December 6, 2009


One disease that can easily be attacked in this condition is affected patients flu.Usually influenza disease was felt headache, cough, runny nose, and accompanied by pain in muscles and fever.The spread of influenza can occur, when patients do cough or sneeze the grains are already infected saliva influenza virus will come flying into the air to infect people through in around entering through the respiratory tract.Addition,it could be due to influenza virus through direct contact with patient.Example, with a shake hands.Even we unknowingly, use of facilities general also facilitate the spread of influenza viruses such as the toilet door handle, including when we do transactions using cash.
The most powerful way to prevent influenza disease infectious this is to adopt a healthy lifestyle.Healthy lifestyle includes healthy eating foods that contain balanced nutrition, adequate rest patterns and regular exercise are applying.If lifestyle habits,The body will always be healthy, fit and far from all sorts of diseases and viruses that enter our body.If influenza disease, should cover your nose and mouth with using a mask or handkerchief during sneezing and coughing in order to reduce the spread of influenza.


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