Saturday, December 5, 2009

Menu Child Typhoid

Typhoid is an acute infectious disease of small intestinal.Salmonella typhi into the human body through food and water contaminated.Some acid bacteria are destroyed by stomach and partly into the small intestine .How treatment is giving antibiotics to stop and eradicate the spread of germs , rest, and professional treatment to prevent complications and speed up gradually healing.Mobilization conducted in accordance with the restoration conditions of the patient.In treatment, hygiene should be maintained at all individual, clean beds, clothes and utensils used patient to eat.Is also worth noting is the diet plus support therapy.
To diet in typhoid patients, given the gradual beginning pulp filter, coarse oatmeal, rice eventually cure rates in accordance with certain conditions of the patient.For certain condition, early solids, which is rice with side dishes low fiber.Addition, it is necessary to add vitamins and minerals is sufficient to support the recovery healing of the patient.In typhoid convalescence patients could eat the staple food of rice, boiled potatoes, mashed potatoes, macaroni and bread.Side dishes given dish is meat, fish, eggs and tofu.Can also given a nutritious drink milk, yogurt and green beans.
Vegetables and low-fiber fruits such as spinach, beans, cucumbers, cabbage and pumpkins are relatively safe for fresh consumption.Fruits like bananas, oranges, mango, papaya, avocado and soursop.Bahan foods should be avoided, among others, maize, cassava and frieds food.Penderita typhus which also must stay away from raw vegetables and fruits like durian, jackfruit and nanas.Minuman carbonated beverages and is also prohibited.


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Living healthy connects with clean water on so many levels, remember, bottled water isn't always necessarily clean and healthy...go for filtered water...its a muc healthy option...i got mine from here...
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