Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dead tooth

   Human tooth die must be treated in order to function as a previously.Tooth color change can be ascertained has dead.Means, there is no blood flow, nerves, and lymph vessels that serving tooth.Result, cells that have been damaged not can be replaced and the color of the teeth become dull until blackened.Cause a variety.Of them, bacteria infections due to cavities or germ infection because tissue damaged teeth braces.It can also be a mechanical trauma, such as heavy impact from falls and other. If untreated, the tooth will die due fragility.Because, dead cells can not changed.Next, the crown will be broken and teeth are related to fall out.Condition associated  with the body's ability to reject foreign objects embedded in it.Indeed, a dead tooth considered a foreign object by the body.
In addition, dead tooth from the germs infection will become the center spread of the infection for several other organs.Condition
were not many people realize.For dental treatment dies, must be sterilizing of germs. That are called root canal treatment ( endodontik). following treatment for dental work again is to establish and strengthen teeth.Next structure, the remaining teeth are sterile and have such a strong grip can be used as a handled fixed dentures (bridgework) that treatment was not bothered.


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Bad English.

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My daughter who is 16 yrs old just had her braces taken off today and to our discovery her front top canine tooth (#6 they call it)is brown and dead. She has never had a cavity but that tooth was impacted in her gum and they had to pull it down. But they told us hers was not a severe impaction by any means so they don't know why it died. They also think the one on the bottom directly below that tooth looks suspicious also and want to do some more xrays. She has awesome white teeth and took the best care of them so why did her tooth die? Can anyone tell me? She is traumatized because she took great pride in her teeth. Do you think it had something to do with the braces, because she has never had any type of trauma to her mouth.
Looking for answers! Thanks

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