Friday, December 4, 2009

Brush tongue

   Feeling halitosis? Try to brush your tongue.This action helps reduce odor from the mouth when eating and drinking or when speaking.When eating or drinking, there remains that accumulate and collect on the surface of the tongue.Addition,clot on the surface, many microorganisms colonize on surfaces of the tongue.Including, which also formed plaques on tongue.If surfaces not cleaned frequently, all over the small bumps on the tongue surface called papillae or taste buds.But causes of bad breath, "garbage" that reduces sensory function.Impact,tongue can not feel food or drink properly . Papillae "did not function well when the taste of food and beverages into mouth.Equally important, cleaning the tongue also helps to reduce disease incidence in mouth.Because in the oral cavity,there are bad bacteria and good bacteria.So as not to hurt, number of bad bacteria can not be more than good bacteria.
A healthy tongue bright red with uneven surfaces due to papillae.In dirty surface of the tongue, usually appear whitish coating (tongue coating). One way to check the cleanliness of the tongue is a curry with the tip of the tongue which has clean nails.If layers white on the tongue can not be taken, it is possible indications of a possible disease.Cleaning tongue after brushing your teeth with a regular toothbrush or a special tool cleaning the tongue.


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