Sunday, December 6, 2009


To meet the body's calcium, we can consume milk.Other than milk, many other foods rich calcium.For example,anchovy.In 100 grams (1 ounce) anchovy rice, contained 1000 mg of calcium.In 100 grams of dried salted anchovy, contained 1200 mg of calcium.This amount was sufficient to meet the daily calcium requirement of adults aged 19-50 years.Need 1000 mg of calcium per day.Another advantage is the anchovy calcium is not easily soluble in various water.If processed into any food, calcium content will not change.Anchovy calcium easily bound with protein body.This make anchovy calcium easily absorbed by the body.
Although high calcium levels, it does not mean 100 grams of anchovy must be eaten every day.Such diets are not appropriate.better balanced other foods that contain calcium.For example,nuts and vegetables.Calcium intake into the body is split into two parts.Approximately 60-80 percent for the formation of bones and teeth,while the rest for other body needs.Example,helps metabolism or transmission in the nervous system.Excessive calcium consumption was also in vain.When body feel enough,the rest will be disposed of calcium through the urine and feces.Absorbed will be effective if there is vitamin D. The best thing is to consume enough calcium, exercise and not afraid of the sun can prevent osteoporosis


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