Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Headache is a common symptom caused by complained.Headache because of physical factors and psychic.For headaches caused by physical factors, often in patients will be found other physical symptoms that accompany such pain on head but no headaches psychic.Headache factor of the most commonly found on office workers are nervous headaches or tension headaches.On this type, the patient will feel like his head with a cloth tied tightly fiber, tension / pain in the muscles of the shoulder, scalp, neck, and jaw.Tension headache often associated with anxiety, depression, stress, sleeping less, working excessively, drinking alcohol, eating late, and drug users.Symptoms headaches can occur with consumption triggered by chocolate, food flavorings, cheese .
One alternative for the patient to treat a headache with the headache medication containing paracetamol paracetamol.Paracetamol content can help eliminate headaches, toothache, muscle pain that often accompanies headache.Not only that, the content of paracetamol also help reduce fever. Paracetamol works to prevent head pain and had no negative effects to the stomach, so safe to be consumed before eating.
Many circulating current headache drugs, but we must be careful in assessing the content, dosage, and how drugs work.With choose the appropriate medication, necessarily overcome headaches and we can continue the activity.


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