Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Exercises to stretch

Sport is important to bone.Especially, maintain bone density that can not easily porous.But,exercise should be tailored to the age and physical condition people.For aged 45-49 years, no special physical exercise.As still strong, they should do aerobic exercise with rapid.But, when the age of 50 years stepped on, you should not do aerobic exercise such as again.Do simple exercise walking, swimming, cycling,and trot.Should exercise routine about a half hour each one day.If you can not routine, exercise at least three times a week, we can exercise with the load.
Options, the exercise osteoporosis.more emphasis on stretching not only requires strengthening.
Aging joints require only the movement.Moreover, many of the joints and bones are losing power.Therefore,gymnastics movement in osteoporosis is rhythmic and lighter.For more spirit, accompanied by gymnastic contemporary songs are trends


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