Friday, December 25, 2009

Oxidative Stress

Cigarettes can lead to two real impact on dental health.Ie, oral cavity cancer and diseases of periodontitis (gum).The risk of tooth loss in smokers three times greater than non-smokers.The signs of periodontitis disease is gum recession (gum sag).The original root of the tooth gums look so protected.If it were so, the patient's risk of having a tooth root caries.In smokers saliva contains high oxidant.Actually, there in the body that issued immunological reaction of antioxidants.However, if the patient smoking in the long run, there will be an imbalance between oxidants and antioxidants.This condition is called oxidative stress.Therefore, smokers often feel pain or bleeding teeth.Even so, they sometimes feel pain when enjoying food or drink that is too hot or cold.
Epithelial cell death affects the gums sag.Surface of the tooth seemed to be longer and greater.To deal with smoking patients, the doctor will give you mouthwash with high antioxidant levels.Function, lowers oxidants to the gums and oral cavity.f the patient's condition was severe, doctors may operate by placing the flap, a kind of living tissue that is attached to the gums saggy.The goal, restore gums to the original location.As anticipation, it is advisable to restrict smoking and dental hygiene routine.If found plaque or tartar, immediate treatment.


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