Thursday, December 24, 2009

Laughter therapy relieve stress

Each person has their own way to cope with stress is experienced.Could also with laughter therapy.Namely,laughing as much maybe even bad mood.It did not take long, just five minutes.For example, a smile as wide as 5-10 may be detained until a count.Then, the movement is repeated ten times or in accordance with the wishes.Is quite effective way to reduce the stress they experienced.Problems that initially seemed to make a full head becomes light.Therapy is better done before sleeping and after waking up in the morning.To more easily, can find an event that can invite laughter at the television station.
In addition to laugh therapy, you can also do facials.Because facial skin becomes smooth, clean from acne, remove wrinkles on the face, and also relaxes the muscles in his face.And also recommended to get used to think positively.Any problems that arise faced with calm and a smile.If necessary, can make sharing the closest friends or people to be able to find a way out.That panic and bad moods will muddy the issue.



O ya I can see this point, really advantages

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