Sunday, December 13, 2009


   Fistula is a tube or tunnel that no one should to be there .One of fistula is rectovaginal fistula.Ie, abnormal channel that forms and connects between the lower bowel (rectum) and vagina.As a result, dirt during bowel movements and gas can also vagina.Injury through the birth canal during birth wide (up to the anus or rectum) may cause fistulas this type.Injury broad types common in difficult labor.Required special sewing techniques and perfect healing process.Symptoms caused by the fistula is often associated with them psychological.Of the problems between them, out of gas or feces through the vagina. Result vaginal smells.Addition, prone to vaginal infections recurring.Not infrequent irritation in the pubic area and vaginal lips.
Fistula rectovagina problem is probably to still be improved .It depends on the size, location, condition of surrounding fistula.
A very small fistula may close itself .But, in large measure, required surgery to close the fistula .If repair work, highly recommended to choose labor Caesar never happen again.


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