Sunday, December 13, 2009


 Ridicule or yell is not a way to help a friend who stutter, these two measures actually worsen the condition of those who stutter speak.Even, in children, not infrequently the mental part makes no self-confidence and did not want to talk.there are many causes of stuttering.First,unsynchronized between the process of information and the ability to speak .When,speaking, there is coordination between the stimulation of the brain and vocal cords, teeth, mouth, and respiratory.Normally, all organs that can function simultaneously and those automatic.In people who stutter, it is not normal.Too much information on brain.But, there are difficulties to express verbally and smoothly.
Permanent stutter happened since little.Despite tension and anxiety that go into subsided,stuttering is not lost .
However, permanent stuttering is a rare case.Stuttering can be treated with behavior therapy.Way, children are made relaxed, not tense, or nervous.Then talk to the child slowly.Let your child talk about the matches that he liked.Other therapies, children get to write things that would say.With writing, communication, children become more focused '. The habit of writing can also reduce the anxiety suffered by children when to speak.


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