Sunday, December 13, 2009

Binahong Drugs From China

Binahong commonly known as a traditional medicine that leaves derived from China.The Latin name this plant is Anredera cordifolia.When any family member is ill or in recovery period after picking surgery.Just grab a few leaves, boiled, and then drink boiled water. For those who are lazy binahong boiling leaves, there are other options that could choice.They were taking pills containing binahong claimed binahong leaf extract.But, not many know that the pill and actually binahong leaf was not fully different.The pill is not entirely vegetable.Most of them from animal.Of comes from shexiang (dried secretion in the pouch under the belly navel kind of antelope), niuhuang (ox gallstones Boas taurus domesticus gmelin, and shedan (dried gall of snakes). So why Andredera cordifolia leaves also named binahong? Maybe efficacy was almost the same plant with pill.Binahong is called in the language of Canton.Term in the Mandarin language is Pien Tze Huang.
Although the benefits are known many people, the content that Andredera cordifolia leaves have not studied while thorough.Based research, one of the compounds contained in the leaves is flavanoid.Compound it functions as an antioxidant and hydrocortisone to suppress inflammation.Therefore leaves the cooking water consumption binahong well done to heal wounds and also inflammation.And, this leaves consumed in moderation should be within the rules.


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