Sunday, November 29, 2009

Stem Cell

 Stem cells seem to be the future treatment of diseases is very promised.Many the expected can cured by stem cells.Eg, diabetes mellitus (DM). Currently the researchers also examined the stem cell.started from gene, cells, and the stem cell which is more promising to be therapy.Including, from blood, umbilical cord, and spinal stem cells.Every from umbilical cord blood and spinal have a weakness and strenghts.umbilical cord taken shortly after the baby is born, whereas spinal cord-making can do to an adult.
Predicted stem cells can heal the wounds which often suffered gangrene in the feet or hands diabetes.If patients injected into the pancreas, stem cells will help improve beta cells damage.Therapy stem cells, specific to type 1 diabetics dependent on insulin injections . Because pancreas was completely destroyed.For diabetics type 2, some use insulin.But can do therapy, there were also taking medication, depending on the level of damage patient.Therapy followed by living a healthy and exercising regularly.


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