Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dengue Fever

Dengue fever is a seasonal disease in the tropics.Everyone already knows that the condition was caused by dengue virus is transmitted mosquito Aedes aegypti.Heat due to infection can be caused by viruses, bacteria or fungi.Difference is the type of heat.Heat typical virus rose quickly followed by joint pain and headaches.Heat due to bacteria often fluctuates.Particularly increased in the afternoon and reached the peak when the night.Meanwhile, during the morning down nearly normal.The condition was repeated on the next day.Dengue fever is actually comprised of four stages.The first stage does not get spontaneous bleeding symptoms.In the second stage, starting there in the form of spontaneous bleeding in the skin rash.How to differentiate it from ordinary redness in the skin, press with fingers.If it disappears, it is not bleeding.Bleeding can also occur on the gums and even to vomit blood.
In the third stage, patients in shock due to decreased blood pressure.It looks from the difference between blood pressure systole (top) and diastole (bottom) which shortens.The fourth stage is the most dangerous because it arises in shock.Blood tests could see a drop in platelets and leukocytes (indicating viral disease). What to do if a fever? Ensure sufficient fluid intake by drinking lots of water.Fluid requirement ranges from 30-40 cc / kg of body weight / day.In a fever, needs are still added in accordance with the increase in body temperature.Supply of calories and breaks into focus.Do you have to use antibiotics? No, because antibiotics do not effectively kill the virus.


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