Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Vagina Sukaye

    Starting from the hole formation is not the vagina (vaginal dead end). May have experienced periods characterized by cyclic abdominal pain (each month) like bleeding during menstruation.Menstrual blood that led from the uterine wall can not get out through the vagina because the vagina is a dead end earlier.Menstrual blood can not be held out.Originally collected on the inside of the vagina and uterus meet, even to the oviduct.In some special parts can be formed even chocolate cysts on the ovaries as a result of blind vagina.
The solution requires careful evaluation.First, make sure the type of blind vagina.Just formed septum so that the vagina stuck or clogged thick enough.Also to be ensured collection of menstrual blood which had reached.Just in the vagina and the uterus or until oviduct.If only a septum, surgery incision (cut) septum in such a way is enough to menstrual blood.Including those collected in the vagina and uterus.But, when the hopelessness of a thick, it takes a special technique for making the vaginal orifice.Moreover, if the case is accompanied by cyst.Sometimes it is necessary to continue to open abdominal surgery to remove cyst.Hopefully not too late to do the treatment.


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REFERAT said...

vaginal opening is also prone to disease, thanks for the info


Abnormalities of menstruation is most reason for women to visit obstetricians and gynecologists, and menorrhagia are the most common cause in women with iron deficiency anemia in the western world. Menstrual abnormalities that were found to be abnormalities of the amount of blood removed or duration of bleeding that occur each cycle. Menstrual disorders that can be encountered is amenorrhoea, oligomenorrhoea, menorrhagia and dysmenorrhoea.

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