Saturday, December 5, 2009

Contact Lenses

   There was no specific criteria in selecting a contact lenses.Not brand or benchmark price that does not irritate the eyes.Each individual had to find a match.A lot of contact lens products that can be selected.Average, contact lens materials used polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA). But there are also soft lens is made from rigid gas permeable.These materials makes permeable contact lenses such as the pores.These pores serve to the cornea can breathe.Better to choose a soft lens with a porous surface of the water content of many.The function of water is a lubricant and prevents dry eye.Water into the layer between the cornea and lens growth.
Before inserting or removing contact lenses, be sure to hands are clean.If necessary, wash hands with soap before.To germs that stick in hand, do not go into too eyes.Also fingernails should be short.But there possible injured corneal , long nails prone to bad bacterial.Before sleeping,nest soft lens must removed.When eyes closed, the cornea is covered with contact lenses will be starved of oxygen.In fact, most of the oxygen supply is obtained from outdoor air brought into the eye with tears.
To remember, if there is a problem with the soft lens, immediately treated at doctor.So, irritation of the eyes can be overcome.


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