Friday, November 6, 2009

pulse (psychological approach)

Impulse can be defined as the tendency for uncontrolled, spontaneous and irresistible, to action (see also the automatism).

It is important not to confuse the strength of the pulse is very different because it happened spontaneously and was not accompanied also a struggle that may be related to anxiety, art. The momentum generated by the irresistible urge to perform an action without an internal control or the result of anxiety. See also TOC; See also tic syndrome and Gilles de la Tourette.

The disease is said or psychological disorders and psychiatric illnesses, including schizophrenia is a pulse signal where the unexpected happened, several psychopathy, epilepsy, intoxicated by alcohol (alcohol), l 'hypomania and paranoia.
Thus, compared to the momentum, internal drive is the tendency that the subjects experienced a necessity and that encourages him to do certain actions or to think of ideas, actions and ideas which it condemned, rejected, disagree. This and (his) idea is also prohibited by himself, but conscious, and not as an encouragement.

During the action pulse is superior to control the anxiety experienced by individuals during the restraint. Finally, the difference between force and momentum, since when the desire of individual capacities May not pass the act and possibly make a ritual repeated becomes harmless, unless it appears.

As long as the possibility of coercion can not resist the tendency to take no action in which thought it was banned. This feature is very interesting effect May result if the subject does not stress, anxiety.

Pulse therapeutic approach which is close to coercion. This obviously requires psychotherapeutic assistance and support will be truly effective in that the people affected by this type include the psychological problems that had defied the flowers to conduct self-examination (research, observation of consciousness itself ) to make some (good) question would be desirable that appears, and will not result from an obligation, but because their own interests and may be close.
Caregiver is the therapist said to play a role as a catalyst to trigger the process of introspective reflection. Confirm the effectiveness of psychotherapy ultimately depend directly on individuals who want to get this answer (his) questions relating to concepts such as forbidden. Superego or superego in psychoanalysis is part of the soul which is formed in childhood with parents to identify the model and play the role of control and censorship.


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