Friday, November 6, 2009

Anorexia early infant

Anorexia (loss of appetite or loss of appetite) in infants is a reason to visit more frequently in children. There is also a source of great concern, especially for parents and all the mothers who saw the baby cries immediately thought of problems with the assimilation of food in general and more specifically, impaired appetite. But anorexia is rarely the result of a disease in the true sense of the term biological said. This is not a reason not to think about.

Anorexia infants most often due to infection, the symptoms are so insignificant in itself. This causes fever, vomiting, cough and runny nose. From the current decline in the willingness to swallow food, infections, is easily explained. Indeed, the baby's body needs all the strength to fight against the germs that cause disease. Infection therefore, anorexia and post-infection (which occurs after infection) that will eventually enable doctors to provide additional information for parents in education and parents, especially mothers, emphasizing the "useless" stuff "of her son with said, forcing him to eat.

The second case is anorexia anorexia baby primitive, in turn, caused real problems to the doctor. Children are not hungry, she has not eaten and is one reason why the mother has access. This is a mother of nervous and anxious. Usually, the baby is exposed to anorexia beautiful baby primitive does not cause developmental problems during the first month and ate a normal or slightly more than other babies at the same time, which has the effect of the swelling of The child who is now a break in the growth curve and body weight. The child began vomiting and refused bottles fact forced to eat cause a vicious circle which can only exacerbate the situation.
May also include a baby who never really hungry, not like before. From the first weeks, sometimes even from the beginning, the mother reported the assimilation of food shortages because of refusal to take a daily ration, or let the whole food and not finish the bottle. Similar to the previous baby vomits cause weight gain is not enough.

Interviewed parents and check the baby will help clarify the procedure for installation of anorexia. It is important to know the mother to determine its behavior. The environment is also interesting to share influence in infants.
This is necessary to detect any tension in the family tensions caused by the anorexic child, causing a vicious circle: anxiety, anxiety causes the baby of the family in childhood anxiety causes.
The rest of the interview will highlight other digestive tract symptoms such as constipation, diarrhea or vomiting.
The clinical examination provides the baby's weight, height, color of skin and mucous membranes. Abdominal examination and examination of the muscles that are used to obtain other useful information.

After the withdrawal of anorexia in response to infection, most of the time, nasopharyngitis and urinary tract infection, we must think of hypochromic anemia (iron deficiency) is a typical white child, violation of gastro-intestinal malabsorption of auscultation cardiovascular defect is often highlighted by the heart and kidney failure is rare.
Additional tests, including preparations of blood cell count (number of red, white and platelets), urinalysis, determination of blood urea and creatinine. This review will help to convince the mother when they are normal.

It is necessary to avoid before the symptoms when the child is properly inspected, entered the game in the mother holding a situation that increases unnecessary additional testing and treatment are particularly unhelpful. Do not make things worse, because it may complicate the situation. Finally, there is also blame the parents talk seriously about the psychological and emotional disorders in terms of the relationship between parent and child.


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