Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tips Antidiarrhoeals Drug Use

 Although many anti-diarrhea medicine are sold freely and relatively safe, but there are a few things to note that no one use it:
-Giving rehydration fluids and salt sugar solution is to be preferred if the amount of fluid lost quite a lot.
Drug Antidiarrhoeals-absorbent groups can be used to speed up healing and provides the fluid / oralit.If in two days did not recover, the drug should be stopped and immediately aske
doctor helps.
-When lenders and diarrhea accompanied by blood, drug Antidiarrhoeals
not be in a hurry, because interfere with the evacuation of germs.In this situation, ask your doctor to doctor the disease properly handled.
-Allow sufficient time distance when to use other drugs.
-Babies, the elderly and pregnant women are a special group should be treated with extra carefully, so that the use of drugs Antidiarrhoeals doctor should ask for advice early first.First action to do at home is the provision of drinking or salt sugar solution.


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