Sunday, November 29, 2009

Because DM wobbly tooth

  Disturbance neuropathy (neurological) are most often attacked with diabetes mellitus (DM) is gangrenous wound in the leg or arms.Parts other body cavities such as the mouth, may also experience the most is neuropathy.Most complaints are wobbly teeth and the mucous gingival (gum) redness.When the patient control three times in six months.Sugar remained above normal, despite sugar-lowering medication. Teeth shaky can overcome by spilinting.The techniques, tying a shaky teeth tooth next to the solid.
The process initially, making the flow in the tooth to be bound to put it quite polyethylene fiber.This material is strong enough.Function, attach a wobbly tooth to the next tooth.Polyethylene fiber should be to subject lifetime.If age of patients still complained of wobbly teeth, it is possible to add number of dental braces.DM untreated will cause hipersalivasi (production of excessive saliva) or reduced saliva secretion (xerostomia). If allowed, would create the possibility of xerostomia caries and infections of the cavity.Patient always to keep blood sugar levels.Treatment teeth and oral cavity carried out in conditions that steril.Instead, the emergence of trauma minimized.If need surgery, patients must undergo preparation.Including,drinking antibiotics 4-5 days before surgery plus using sewing thread that was absorbed (nonabsorbable) required vitamin B high doses of insulin up to two weeks post-surgery.


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