Thursday, November 26, 2009

Balance, the key

  In various shops and supermarkets, recently circulated a lot of products containing drinks that claimed the good bacteria and can reduce obesity.Is it true? In the human body there are bad bacteria and good bacteria.Good bacteria maintain the condition of the intestinal flora to stay healthy.If more bad bacteria than good bacteria, we will experience interference digestion.Probiotic is good whereas the type of bacteria,while the prebiotic is a food good bacteria.To food bacteria needed to breed good enough,must given need food.They foods is the fiber in sufficient quantities as to whether bacteria.
When we run a pattern of unhealthy eating as often consume fast food or other foods that were not enough fiber, then the bad bacteria will get your metabolism development.So not walk with good.There remaining food was issued in the form of leftovers possibility stool.There sediment and stuck it in the digestive tract, and cause big constipation.Content calcium in the product made from probiotic helps to burn body fat, may also lose body weight.
if only the probiotic drink, the results can not be maximized. Of course must be accompanied by routine.The key activity is entering balanced.Amount calories equal to the exit


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