Friday, November 27, 2009

Salak benefits

 Typical of Indonesian fruits, if you eat salak do not waste epidermis, just eating, eating such a way that we will avoid constipation.If salak fruit to be cleaned, do not be too clean.Enough clean the dirt on the salak.Salak that may also contain nutrients that can not be considered one eye. For example, salak contains beta-carotene.In contained 100 grams of beta-carotene 5.5 times as much beta-carotene mango.Salak includes three times higher than guava.But comparison with beta-carotene carrot unexplained.At least,salak can into alternative sources of beta-carotene than carrot.In 100 grams, also contains 77calories, 0.4 grams of protein, 20.9 carbohydrates, 28 grams of calcium, 18 grams of phosphorus and 100 grams iron in salak.Every 100 gram also contains 0.04 mg of vitamin B and 2 mg of vitamin C.
See table above, particularly levels of carbohydrates, people with diabetes mellitus forbid to eat salak.Those fruit should reduce consumption is also not recommended for patients with typhus fever and other diseases need diet low.
Thalassemia patients were also asked to reduce salak.Because iron levels salak very high.On thalassemia patients, accumulation of Fe can harm other organs such as spleen.Fruits containing Fe usually bright red or yellow.But some fruits that contain high Fe but not flashy colors such as salak.


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