Thursday, November 26, 2009

Soda and salt

Menstrual pain can be overcome by consuming a mixture of carbonated drinks and salt.Either where it came from, not a few who believe the way these the assumptions .Really? Mixture of soda and salt useful to reduce tiredness, especially during heavy activity, rather than for dysmenorrhea (menstrual pain) or other premenstrual complaints.Soda useful lower lactic acid levels that make the body becomes tired.When the body level of lactic acid is  reduced, fatigue will also be lost.
To reduce premenstrual complaints, drinking herbal mixture of ginger, turmeric, and tamarind.Mixture containing analgesic (pain reliever) and better to drink before the three days before menstrual.Way to makes it very easy.Turmeric and  ginger grated, then cooked in boiling water . After that, the solution is filtered to separate the dregs.Before cooked herbs, avoid aluminum.Because aluminum pan is a conductor of a single material interaction with other.Results materials, materials in herbal medicine is can not merge.After, turmeric and mixed herbs ginger tamarind juice plus mature.
Herbs is taken only to complaints subsided, not consumed in  long time according to research.Because ginger and turmeric if consumed in the long term future  can make teenagers difficult to get teens .Instead, premenstrual complaints can be minimized by therapy in three acupuncture.Should 3 days before menstruation.


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