Sunday, January 24, 2010

Risk Smokers suffer a heart attack

The myth that a heart attack suffered only broken in elderly people after 1990.Coronary heart attack patients getting younger.As many as 20 percent of cases aged less than 40 years, 40 percent between 40-45 years of age, and 40 percent above the age of 50 years.This happens because the process of atherosclerosis (fatty buildup in blood vessels) which started since the children.Sign, have fatty streak in the coronary arteries.With continued habits of unhealthy living, such as eating fatty foods, smoking, lack of exercise, the process became more severe atherosclerosis.As a result, there is narrowing or blockage in the coronary arteries.
 Cigarettes are the major risk factor for coronary heart attack disease in addition to cholesterol, diabetes mellitus and hypertension.Cigarette working synergy of other risk factors.Existing chemicals in cigarettes may interfere with cardiac function and coronary blood vessels.In the United States in 1985, smoking is the cause of 70 percent of coronary heart disease mortality.There are various ways to stop smoking.If difficulties, perhaps the institution or doctor can help to stop smoking.


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