Saturday, January 23, 2010

Masturbation, What lncluded Disease?

Sexual activity with the help of hands to get sexual gratification is called masturbation.Activities related to masturbation puberty.Production of the hormone testosterone that would trigger the emergence of effective sex with ease.The hormone testosterone also enable the production of sperm.At the age of about 15 to 30 years, a male hormone, testosterone levels had a good.That is, he's easily aroused and sensitive by exposure to erotic stimuli.Data from one study of adolescents in the United States said, as much as 90 percent of men aged 15-30 years had to masturbate.From the aspect of disease transmission risk / sexual transmitted infections, masturbation is not relative risk.That compared with pre-marital sex.Moreover,if frequently changing sex partners.
A good man if you can control the will related to sexual response.Of course, by reducing exposure to sexual or erotic stimulation.Instead, he focuses more there are things that are productive.If you continue to distribute pornographic movie hobby, he will not be easy to control sex.This negative from porn movies are not educating the whole concept of sex is sacred and noble.Concept sexologists states, masturbation is not an obsession-compulsion (performed continuously without being able to be controlled) typically will be lost or reduced when married.


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