Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Passive smokers, Lung Can Change

Cigarettes bad consequences not only occur in adult non-smokers.But, also in children and teenagers.A study says, children who inhale cigarette smoke often have the higher risk of emphysema when exposed to their teenagers.Though as a teenager he did not smoke.In emphysema, anatomic changes of lung.Sign, dilated airways.It may be related to lung damage in childhood.As children grow older, the damage is not completely healed.Lung condition would not be right again.Conclusion effects of cigarette smoke on children were taken after the researchers conducted a study involving non-smokers.A total of 1781 non-smokers from six communities in the United States to the respondent to undergo a CT-Scan.Half of that amount as a child lived with at least one smoker in the house.
Women who conduct research also stated during this most people only know the effects of cigarette smoke does not last long.The study proves that the bad effects of cigarette smoke on human lungs can survive tens of years.But the researchers found no link between exposure to cigarette smoke in childhood and lung function.It needs further study.


toko dvd said...

smoke is our enemy. love smokers but hate their smoke. your post is so positive.

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cute japanese girl said...

your info is 100% helping. but i still confuse to stop smoking cause this is like my habit.

video fitness said...

in order to stay healthy, people must stay away from cigarette. if you want to stop smoking, why dont you go to the gym and start living a healthy life.

film cerita alkitab said...

smoking is a sin because it's destroying our body. As we believe, our body is the throne of Jehovah that shouldn't be treated with cigarette smoke.

God created air to be breathed, not smoke

film wali songo said...

Nice info, soon in Indonesia MUI also will judge smoking as a haram action. i'll be happy when that day comes

Jane Kaylor said...

sore throat is not a lot of fun its just uncomfortable and difficult to swallow.

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