Saturday, December 19, 2009

Vegetables Tips for Children

Not a few mothers who complained about her son refused to eat vegetables.The incident forced the child to the mother to eat vegetables and fruits.If the way of compulsion did not work, maybe desperate mother and let her eat no vegetables.Instead, she introduced the vegetable to be the main meal or snack.Introduced one by one, little by little, and repeatedly.Do not ever give your child tired of vegetables.For processed vegetables, do not need much seasoning.Let your child enjoy the sweet taste steamed carrots or spinach sauce could taste typical nodes.It also, vegetable or animal formed a particular interest.
Alternatively, create a race to eat a vegetable with a brother, sister, friend or cousin.Put a few pieces of boiled beans and carrots on a plate.Then, give the command to start the race.Give a gift.For simple example, favorite cartoon character stickers to the winners.Mom can also hide the vegetables in a pie or a favorite beverage. Could also become a pizza topping, mix spaghetti sauce, or incorporated into the dough and various pieces of cake muffins.Invites children shopping and cooking also improves a toddler's curiosity and interest to the vegetables.


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