Saturday, December 19, 2009

Avian Eye

Influenza virus not only like respiratory.Moreover, in the rainy season, the eye does not escape the risk of contracting avian eye.The condition is often called acute konjungtivitas.The disease can suffer all ages.Especially workers out door.Because, chances are they exposed to influenza virus is greater than working in indoor.The disease occurs when immune system decline.Patients complain of red eyes or inflamed.Then the patient feels a lump of sand in the eyelid.It makes the eyes look a bit swollen and painful.Other symptoms, more dirt out of eyes.The form can be liquid, but there is also a thick like pus.In a worse condition, the patient can not even open his eyes.These diseases include infectious diseases.Therefore, patients are advised  to isolate themselves so as not to transmit the disease.
The habit of closing his eyes with a handkerchief is a big mistake.It makes my eyes became warm.As a result, the bacteria multiply rapidly.Better to use a clean wet wipes or a clean handkerchief to cool.When flu eyes never get better in three days, may need treatment.Therefore, if symptoms are ignored, the inflammation can affect the cornea.


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