Thursday, December 31, 2009

Membranes and Infant Critical

Membranes should serve to protect the baby while he was in his mother's womb.At times, the membranes should be clear and slippery turns green cloudy.Then, the liquid is actually toxic to the baby.It happened when the baby stress.Causes of infant stress:
-Labor estimates over time.
-The process of labor more than 24 hours.
-My mother had an infection.
-My mother suffered from diabetes mellitus and hypertension.
-Mother smoking.
-My mother worked too hard.
Infant stress affect the baby of oxygen deficiency.Finally, sphincter ani (muscle around the anus) weak, open, so come out meconium (fetal feces) that will color the amniotic.Meconium dark green, thick, sticky like tar, odorless, and tends to sterile.Meconium contains ingredients that are digested during the baby in the womb.Among these, epitus cells of the intestine, mucus, water (including amniotic fluid and bile), as well as miscarriages or hair lanugo that covers the fetus in the womb early age.When the baby was born soon, that's contaminated amniotic sucked the baby.Condition is very dangerous to the soul baby.It is called Meconium Aspiration Syndrome (MAS).
  Babies who do not accidentally suck meconium mixture of membranes can cause lung infection.Respiratory distress became one of the biggest causes of neonatal death, after a low-weight babies.Meanwhile, the MAS is the largest contributor to the cause of infant mortality due to breathing disorders such.There are some conditions that indicate that the baby should be born.One of them, slow motion or even infants relative active.Women who have broken amniotic fluid through the delivery recommended.Similarly, mothers who caught a cold.


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