Sunday, November 8, 2009

Too Long To Type, Sticky Fingers !

The hand is upper limb with a lot of very soft and joints.Highly complex and soft movement.Addition, hands are the primary means of interacting with environment.Example, holding, lifting something, buttoning clothes, until now writing.Until now nothing can replace the function hand perfectly.
    Hand movements were performed by these 14 muscle men.Muscle divided into 3 parts area / surface, middle, deep.Movement by sublimis and flexor digitorum profundus is situated in the middle and in the palm of the hand. Between the bones of the fingers and muscle was connected by elastic tissue and collagen which contains proteogylcan called it tendon.Tendon coated endotenon, epitenon, and paratenon.Paratenon outer layer of elastic that holds the friction with the existing network in the vicinity, was able to experience tendon rip,inflammation, and decrease ability function.Condition was caused by increasingly advanced age.The use excessive activity can also accelerate the decline in tendon-tendon function in the hand.
    For initial treatment, must rest primarily finger writing movements and activities typing.Subtract passively holding.Do stretching passively fingers upward.Do strengthening finger muscles without joint movement (isometric strengthening). Compresses with cold water on the area pain in the palm of hand.Do for a week.


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