Saturday, November 28, 2009

Medical Diarrhea

There are several groups of drugs given to treat diarrhea, among others:
Rehydration fluids: fluids to prevent dehydration is an important treatment in the face diarrhea.How to with drinking water in sufficient quantities to replace the fluids lost, but do not replace salts and electrolytes are usually too wasted when diarrhea .
Antidiarrhoeals: used to reduce the frequency of diarrhea so that everyday activities can be conducted, in addition to reducing fluid loss.In outlined consists of 2 groups, namely the group of anti peristalticand absorbent peristaltic.Absorbent class work with absorb water and other toxins such as diarrhea, virus and maybe bacteria.Anti
peristaltis class may slow peristaltis work peristaltis bowel movements so that the absorption of fluid occurs better.


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