Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Add the vegetables and Side Dishes

Noodle including the most simple foods in cooking .Can dry fried or boiled to taste each one. If you want to cook a quick and practical, instant noodles is very easy to come by.But not much nutritional complex.Because noodles  made of flour and egg.Of course noodles rich in carbohydrate and nutrient content protein.While the content of other nutrients was minimal.And also noodles are often eaten with rice.Means amount eaten with carbohydrates into the body becomes double.Over time the body will fat, because intake of calories into the body is excessive.Especially if not balanced routine activities and sports.Better to add vegetables because rich in fiber and do not cook it too long because it can cause nutritional damage.
    In addition to nutrient balance, how to cook noodles right.Especially when cooking instant noodles boiled.Instant noodle is better boiled twice.The first cooking water directly in the waste after noodles boiled until it's done.Way to eliminate some of the material contained in it noodles.Also there are some noodles that contain wax.Functioned is a textured coating for good noodles and not easily broken and often damaged.Mixture material was written on the composition listed instant noodle packages.
    In addition to instant noodles, there is the case with preservative.As well as wax, preservatives are often not listed on the composition ingredient.Because consume instant noodles every day not good for  health


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