Monday, February 1, 2010

Children Two Years Not Talk?

  The ability to speak is not the same child.Talk of brain development are maximum at the age of two years.Thus, two-year-old child who can not speak fluently is still relatively normal category.The smooth talking children influenced some things.First, the stimulus from the environment.Children who are often alone or rarely tend to talk slow to speak.Second, the left brain development.It could be optimized by nutritional intake and environmental stimuli.Third, the structure of the jaw, tongue and teeth are proportional.Children with short tongue is often rather difficult to talk.Fourth, genetic factors.Fifth, the sense of hearing to function less well, so the child does not hear.This situation also resulted in children having difficulty speaking.
The following things you can do to wait for verbal intelligence of children emerged:1.
Check the condition of the child's ear
2.Give a stimulus to the often invited to talk and eye contact
3.If possible, include activities that can stimulate children to speak.Example,school.4.Train your child wear blowing and drinking straws.5.When to children aged two and a half years old child has not shown progress, immediately checked into a psychologist to be detected is still within the limits of slow or not.


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