Saturday, January 2, 2010

Stroke With Knee Pain.

    Brain which weighs approximately 1.5 pounds was the center of the nervous system.Began introducing something through the senses to control the activities of the body.Part of the brain is the most cerebrum.Role, controlling the muscles.If there is interference on the part of the brain that will happen weakness of the muscles of the lower and upper movement on the opposite side.Stroke is a brain disorder of blood vessels due to blockage or bleeding.Its sudden and affects the nervous disorders.Stroke is more often accompanied by symptoms of weakness on one side of the body.Muscle weakness, lower limb muscles and the top left.During the three weeks will reduce the mass of these muscles.Then, joints become stiff (contractures). Disturbance is the effect of bed rest for too long.Finally, the functional capacity of the body system as a whole or immobilization syndrome will fall.In addition, the stroke also occurred spastisitas / stiffness.
 In addition, too much lying going to affect muscle mass knee area.Then, function as the stabilization of the knee becomes smaller.It was, resulted in shear between the larger joints.To reduce inflammation, apply a cold compress, then widespread practice of the knee joint motion, and strengthening the muscles of the knee which has decreased muscle mass.For get a more optimal training, should visit the nearest hospital that has a rehabilitation facility medic.


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