Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Piercing Sex, Subjective Effects

  It was thought, piercing the genitals increase sexual arousal.Furthermore, the harmony of husband and wife to stay awake.Is it myth? Some guy who pierced genitalia reveals that the affairs of the bed better than before.It's only momentary effect subjective.Not all men who pierced genitals feel the effects.That effect is more negative than positive impact.Effect genital piercing same with injecting silicone.This means that the same two actions dangerous for men.There are several long-term effects occur.Among other permanent damage, malignant disease and persistent chronic infections on the genitals.
So how erection ability?
Genital piercing risk damaging the nerves and blood vessels is important.Including those relating to the erection.Hard erection and premature ejaculation caused them in penile blood flow disrupted.Although piercings are removed, the nerves and blood vessels are damaged do not recover fully automatic.Chances are there permanently damaged.Other side effects of tetanus disease, tuberculosis, hepatitis, HIV, and sexually transmitted infections to sexual partners.It is possible that vaginal or G-Spot female touched wounds that pierced tools.Could also come loose and pierced left in intimate female organs.Need surgery to remove it.


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