Thursday, January 7, 2010


Someone who says experience overall anxiety disorder, commonly called GAD (general anxiety disorder), when the continuously high tension felt in everyday life.That condition lasted for at least six months.Patients tend to overreact to even mild stress.GAD sufferers usually experience several symptoms.Among other things, increased heartbeat, tremors (twitching hands himself), sweating, shortness of breath, nausea and fainting.Mild GAD sufferers can still move as usual.He also can interact with both.However, when experiencing these symptoms, it is advisable to consult a doctor immediately.If not, the patient's life could be disrupted, whether performance, activity and quality of life.The cause of GAD is not known with certainty.However, some scientific journals mentioned, the disorder may occur due to genetic factors, biological and environmental.
Someone who has a personality genetically prone to anxiety are more prone to GAD.The treatment is also much longer and more complex.Biological factors, of which there are problems in the brain of patients, could be due to trauma or injury.Meanwhile, environmental factors, among others, is a frightening scare actions that are often done by someone else.Treatment of GAD is a combination drug therapy and psychotherapy.Anti-anxiety drugs are given in the long term.Communities do not have to worry about the effects of drug addiction appears.Origin taken in proper doses, patients would not have dependence.Psychotherapy lasted at least 12 weeks, after that the patient should be evaluated further.


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