Thursday, January 21, 2010

Facial, Should I?

Facial skin care is the most preferred.At present, the activity has become a modern lifestyle.This phenomenon can be seen from the number of salons, spas, and clinic treatment in every major city.By doing facials, we can feel the calmness and relaxation.Action issued (extraction) in a series of facial blackheads that it is causing pain.It can be reduced by treatment to soften the blackheads.One of them, night cream that contains tretinoin (a derivative of vitamin A) at least two weeks before the facial.Facial actions are not mandatory.To get the face clean and healthy, not distinguishable only doing or not doing facial.To more clearly can directly ask the skin specialist to get the correct treatment of skin problems.
    One more thing to consider when you want to do facial.Choose a place to perform facial actions with respect to cleanliness and sterility of the tools used.Moreover, if there is blood contact such as extraction of blackheads.It allows the transmission of diseases.Among others, such heavy viral hepatitis B, HIV, until the other light skin diseases.


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