Thursday, January 28, 2010

Color laser Overcome Brain Abnormalities

   Diseases associated with brain abnormalities have been difficult to cure.One of them was epileptic.Media experts typically advise patients to take medication regularly.However, experts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) found that laser light could be alternative treatment for patients with brain disorders.In particular,yellow and blue laser.The study was based on gene discovery and mac arch on living bodies.Two of these genes contain a protein that requires light to be active.Arch responsive to blue light, while the mac is responsive to light yellow. Protein in the two genes are able to reduce the stress on the nerve and prevent it from producing an electrical signal that affect the brain.Interference similar to what happens in people with epilepsy.
  The scientists now plan further research on the brain's nerve system.The goal, find the points which, if discontinued activities can cure epilepsy.In addition, other diseases therapy sought, such as Parkinson's.Epilepsy patients, there was a stepping the brain electrical.This condition does not occur in normal people.Treatment is required continuously to prevent the occurrence of seizures that disrupt epileptic activity.


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