Saturday, January 30, 2010

Binahong relieve Chemotherapy Effects

Wound of surgery is often a problem.which then consume less binahong to heal wounds quickly.drug substance is also known as pien tze huang also have other benefits.Binahong was originally known as the drug injuries.Including, gangrene in diabetes mellitus.Pien tze huang is one item to deal with inflammation.Disclosed, there are four main ingredients contained.Namely, niuhuang (calculus bovis), shexiang (moschus), shedan (fel serpentis), Tianqi (radix notoginseng).
The results of the study researchers from Guanganmen Hospital Research Institute of China, Cancer Hospital Bei Da, hospital affiliation Xuzhou Medical College, Guangdong Renming hospitals, and high schools Zhongyiyao Shanghai mentioned, pien tze huang can increase endurance, relieve pain, and reduce side effects of chemotherapy.In fact, the research revealed, could inhibit binahong increase the size of cancer in patients with liver cancer.


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