Thursday, December 17, 2009


Normal eyes not only seen from the sharpness of eyesight.But, also from the field of vision, clarity of color and stereoscopic.If one of the troubled, disturbed vision risky.For example, people with hemianopia or visual field disturbances on.The location could be in the chiasma, the meeting of two optic nerves from the brain to the eye.It could also in nerve to the brain or optic nerve before the chiasma.The case of defect (damage) in the chiasma frequently experienced by people with hemianopia.There are two types of hemianopia.Namely, bitemporal hemianopia and homonym hemianopia.Bitemporal hemianopia is when the location of disturbances (lesions) right in chiasma.Usually brain tumor patients.Hemianopia Homonym is lesions in the optic nerve near the brain.In this condition, the patient not only fails to see objects on the left side or right.But,also in front.
There are several tests to establish test diagnosis.One was a test of confrontation.Way, the patient sits facing the examiner with a distance of about one meter.Examiner's left eye was closed, while the patient's right eye is closed.Then the doctor holds an object.Object moved.The patient then was asked if seeing the same thing.This is confronting how narrow field of vision experienced by patients.Hemianopia patients are advised not to drive..Driving, would endanger the patient's condition and the passenger in the car.Because they can not see a car or a passing motorcycle from the left or right.


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