Saturday, November 7, 2009

Variations Menu Babies Seven Months

Entering the age of six months is the ideal time to provide additional nutrients baby.Shape solids as a companion breast milk.In that age, the demand increases with a stronger digestion, but the stomach in infants receiving solid foods is still limited.
    One of the rapid growth experienced by infants aged 4-12 months is to start recording sensitive.They senses taste of food at various is the right time to introduce additional food for them.
    Introduction of solid foods to infants who did not usually wear easy.They sucking reflexes to adapt soft To swallow their food is not confused and they learn, determine the little baby.It is feeding, breast-feeding babies at will, pap three times a day, fruit or biscuit two times a day.
    For starters, the baby was introduced to soft fruit. Among others, mashed  banana or papaya,orange juice / tomato.Because every baby has different tastes, given in small portions to avoid food-olds shocked.Introduction seven or eight months to be done in stages . Including, frequency, type, texture, taste, shape.
    Sample menus gain 7-8 months of age.
- Porridge team snapper + tomato
- Porridge Milk + fish balls plus tengiri tomato sauce
- Pure frikadel potato + steamed fish soup plus



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